Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Transporting SAP BI queries

In this post I present basic steps to transport SAP BI queries from development to quality server. The steps are performed in source and target system, so you need authorizations to release and import objects.

Source system
Start with transaction RSOR (Transport Connection), insert initial and target source system names using Conversion button (2) and choose grouping type (3). Select queries you would like to transport to target system and press Execute and than Transport objects (truck) button.

Release the change request to transport using SE10 transaction. Press Display, choose tasks and requests you would like to release and press the button with single truck (or F9). When both task and request have been released successfully, start transport in target system.

Target system
To import queries to quality system start STMS transaction > Import Overview (F5) > Display Import Queue. On the Import Queue screen select the request and press Import (truck with a small loading). Choose target client's number and press enter. The queries will be written to the target system.

Standard BEx Transport Request
When the request, you have released, was set as Standard BEx Transport Request, you need created a new standard request. If there is no standard request, nobody is able to process queries or workbooks on the system. When you try to do so, you will receive the error: The query could not be saved due to a problem in transport. BEx transport request is not available or not suitable.

To create a new request you need to press BEx and than Assign / Delete button, add the request and save the choice.

Now all new objects and modifications will be written to the chosen BEx transport request. For more information on the standard transport request see this note:194051.

Additional resource:
Transporting: role and objects.
Authorizations for change and transport: S_TRANSPRT and S_CTS_ADMI.

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