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SAP BW Process Chains - automation and job scheduling

Would you like to automate repetitive BW tasks like loading transaction data? Create Process Chains!

Let's begin with basic definitions:
  • Process chain (PC) is a sequence of processes linked together.
  • Each Process have a type (BW activity, e.g., activate ODS) and a variant (contains parameters).
  • Start process describes when the process will start (immediately, scheduled job, metaprocess, API).
  • Connector is linking processes; you can choose 1 of 3 options of starting next process: when previous finishes with success (green arrow), failure (red) or always start the next process (black).
  • Variant is a set of parameters passed to the process, such as the name of the InfoPackage to use for loading, the name of the InfoObject to perform a change run for.
Selected icon bar buttons:
  • Planning view enables to create and modify processes.
  • Checking view checks consistency of a process chain selected in plan view.
  • Log view shows log of the execution of a process chain selected in plan view.
Selected left panel buttons:
  • Process Chains displays process chains.
  • Process Types displays process types, enable to drag and drop process into main panel.

The picture below shows simple PC (loading transaction data into ODS and than into InfoCube).

Loading Hierarchy using Process Chain

Now, we will describe how to load a hierarchy into an InfoObject. The process will start every day at 1PM. The process chain will have the following processes:

Start >  Load Hierarchy > Save Hierarchy > Attr. Change Run

1. Start transaction RSPC and choose Process Chain > Create. Enter a name of the chain and description. You will be asked to insert a name of start process - choose New, enter a variant name and description.
2. Select Direct Scheduling option and click Change Selection. Click Date/Time, enter schedule start date and hour (current date, 01:00:00). Click Period values > Daily > Save > Save > Save > Back
3. Click Process Types button on the left panel. Expand Load process and click twice Execute InfoPackage. Choose the InfoPackage for the Hierarchy you would like to load and confirm the choice. To connect the Start process with the load process: right click on the Start, choose process > Connect with > Load Data > created process. 
4. Add processes to save hierarchy and attributes change run (commits changes in the InfoObject).
5. Save the process. Click Checking View button. If the chain is OK, activate and schedule the chain by clicking Activate and then Schedule buttons.

Additional information
  • To work with PC, you need authorization for authorization object S_RS_PC.
  • To monitor selected processes create a list of PCs using TCode RSPCM. This tool will enable you to see statuses of selected PCs and provide a link to process chains' log.
  • To have a PC that can be scheduled and maintained only in specified client - press Process Chain > Attributes > Editing Client, and enter the name of the selected client.
  • To transport client dependant PC with complete starting options, enter required background user data in the target system using TCode RSTPRFC.
  • If you transport PC with scheduling option: immediately the PC will start immediately after the transport.
  • To "stop" scheduled PC click Execution > Remove from Schedule.
  • To see overall PCs status - start BWCCMS tool.
  • PC can send e-mail message when process failed. To create e-mail alert right click on the process and choose Maintain Message option.
  • To see technical names and additional information about processes: click View > Detail View.
Examples of BW PC
Example of processes sequence when deleting overlapping requests form a InfoCube:
Start > Del. indexes > Load InfoCube > Delete Overlapping request > Gen. Indexes

Loading hierarchy, attributes and texts into InfoObjects:
Start > Load Attr. > Load Hierarchy > Save Hierarchy > Attr. Change Run > Load Texts

Additional resources:
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•If you transport PC with scheduling option: immediately the PC will start immediately after the transport.

For the above step,we need change one parameter(NO_TP_SCHEDULE_IMMEDIATE to X in RSADMIN )then process chain will not start immediately even though scheduling option: immediately after transport


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