Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SAP BI Analysis Authorization - required concept in BW 7.3x

SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 brings a lot of new features. Some old concepts are also superseded by new ones. The 'old' reporting authorization is no longer supported by BW 7.3. You need to migrate to analysis authorization before upgrade. You also can't switch back to 'old' concept.

When upgrading to analysis authorization, the following Notes will help you:

      931898 Migration Analysis Authorizations
      938871 Migration Reporting Authorizations II
      1001652 (characteristic 0TCAKYFNM), 958665, 946724
      942799 and 944929 (RSECADMIN)

There is an interesting Expert Session on upgrading into BW 7.3, that covers authoriation topics.

What kind of problems did you faced during authorization swith? Please share with us your experiences!


tfaruq said...

Hello, I cant access the expert session in SAP Market Place using my ID. Do you mind sharing your experience?

PR said...
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PR said...

At the end of the session, there is info about new RSECADMIN transaction.
You can use:
Extras>Migrations>Release 7.0>7.3 option (activate analysis security objects) Please check also: Migration of Analysis Authorization

Anonymous said...

Hi people,

I need help with a problem authorization analisys.

Is it possible to make download this one authorization analysis ?