Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How can I use HANA Live Browser

SAP HANA Live Browser is a repository of HANA analytical views. The repository is based on SAP HANA Live standard and custom views.
It is a flexible tool to browse the definition of the views, data structure, and preview data on-line. You can also display data using SAP Lumira and Analysis for Office.
You can launch the repository by entering the following address: http://WebServerHost:80SAPHANAinstance/sap/hba/explorer/buser.html. If you are not sure what is the Web Server Host and SAP HANA instance, you can find it in using SAP HANA Modeler perspective in Eclipse (Properties > Path in the below picture).
One of the interesting features is the option to provide the access to business users. End users can display business data, models and structures according to assigned authorizations. Details regarding the installation of the tool you can find on the SAP HANA Documentation page.

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